Heritage Attractions to Stroll Around Singapore


Daily jobs and tasks can feel too much at some points. Everything seems wrong, and all your job that you usually are great at comes with bundles of mistakes and anger from your boss. When going home, all you want to do is sleep and ignore your roommate. Such things are indeed a sign that you need to take a rest for a while. If possible, it is very recommendable for you to stroll around in a new place and take a camera with you while refreshing your mind from a job. This way, you can revive all your spirits to work better after coming back. 

contemporary destinationSuppose you are short in cash. You can choose to stroll around where you reside in Singapore. It will not cost you much, or if you need some additional money, you can apply for a loan from a money lender singapore. In fact, Singapore is on the third rank country to visit, proving to be spectacular and much more than a gateway city. It is full of heritage and culture that would be fantastic targets to capture with your camera. You will feel relaxed when strolling around such Singapore’s attraction. Since there are numerous heritage attractions in Singapore, choosing which destinations to see and leave behind could be a real problem. Let’s see and review some of the heritage places to stroll around in Singapore below.

British Heritage Attractions

shoppingWhen talking about heritage, it means historical travel destinations that have become a legacy in Singapore. There are many notable landmarks in Singapore, such as Raffles Hotel. This place has known to be the best hotel in living history that would be a family piece worth visiting.

Along with the bus route, you’ll also encounter the Raffles Landing Site, where this famous British secretary office landed in 1819 and set about developing the town. Also, there are more to enhance the atmosphere of beautiful historical buildings around this colonial place. You may see the Sir Raffles’ statue in the Colonial district and the Old Supreme Court. You may take fantastic memories with your camera around these beautiful areas.

Indian and Arab Heritage Attractions

heritageBesides the British heritage, there is also the heritage of Indians in Little India. It was in that place where 120 Indian soldiers and followers left their homes when they came with Sir Raffles. Today, its streets are lively and narrow, with traditional Indian stores selling everything from spices to saris, and there are many Indian temples to explore in the area.

Another place not to miss is Kampong Glam or perhaps better known as Arab Street. This area has more historical two- and three-storey shophouses. It would be best to stop at the Gedung Kuning, Yellow Mansion, established in Palladian style. Also, visit the Istana Kampong Glam Palace, the place where the royal stays.

Singapore Conservation Projects

The next thing to stroll around is checking out the preservation societies on Emerald Hill. This place has more collections of beautiful and historical areas to capture. You can also find more restoration buildings nearby Peranakan Place, where six commercial buildings have finished their renovation. The buildings now have become antics and historical business areas as bars, cafes, and pubs. It is antic as the constructions had reached more than a hundred years ago by wealthy Peranakan merchants. It is indeed an excellent capture for your escape.

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