Interactive Smart whiteboard Walls


These days, many professional businesses, as well as schools and academies, have ditched traditional whiteboards for modern interactive boards and smart whiteboard walls. These large, usually wall-mounted whiteboards feature advanced computer technologies that offer their users an unparalleled range of functions and convenience. While smart boards are somewhat bigger and more expensive, smart whiteboard walls are much cheaper and simpler alternatives that offer pretty much the same functionality, thanks to the implementation of smart wall technology and advanced painting techniques. Given how convenient these boards and walls are and how extensive their functions and options are, it is no wonder why so many business offices and classrooms are filled with them.

A look at smart whiteboard walls

Not your traditional whiteboard

Since these are not your traditional whiteboards, a marker and an eraser will not be necessary to write on them. Instead, you will use special markers, which usually come alongside interactive whiteboards and which are specifically designed to interact with a certain whiteboard. Also, you can also easily find various products that feature wands, which you can use to draw and write across the board.


Even if you are one of those people who tend to lose their markers and pens very often, you should not worry. A good number of smart whiteboards also feature touchscreen technology. With it, the only tool you are going to use for interaction is your finger. With smart wall tech, you can transform pretty much any wall in your home, office, or classroom into an interactive whiteboard and use it to capture your notes, share them and stream them in real time.

Online capabilities of interactive whiteboards

With a whiteboard such as this, you can also go online and access various websites to find some useful information, which can then be displayed on the board. Since it is highly likely that you will use data capture software, as well as various internet browsers, you should also install antivirus programs, to protect your device.

The requirements

Depending on your needs and available space, you can attach an interactive whiteboard to the wall, or mount it on a stand. If you don’t have any available space, you can use smart wall technology and turn any wall into a display.

However, before you purchase and start using a certain smart whiteboard, you should check whether it requires a specific projector model. Also, do not forget to check the minimum system requirements of the board and make sure you have all the necessary software, so as to ensure compatibility between your PC and the whiteboard.

A plethora of functions and applications

Modern smart whiteboards and walls feature a myriad of software applications for various activities, such as image modification, editing, data capture, and document management. Also, you can also find extra tools that will allow you to handle tracking changes and various document versions. Special models also feature integrated audience response, as well. You can use this feature to allow your audience to provide their responses and participate in the discussion via their hand-held devices, in real time.

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