Different Types Of Photo Booths


There are different kinds of photo booths that you can hire for your event. There are two main types of photo booths; enclosed and open. The enclosed photo booths have walls curtains, panels, and walls. The enclosed booth gives you privacy. The enclosed booth is available in different sizes and can comfortably fit 16 people. There are also photo booths with a bench seat. Open photo booths, on the other hand, do not provide any privacy. There are different types of photo booths in Los Angeles. Here are the different types of photo booths in the market.


Vintage photo booth

ballThe vintage photo booth is one of the types you find in the market. It is made of steel and comes with an electronic camera fitted inside it. It is classy and has a small bench. It has a basic look of an original photo booth. The vintage booth has a computer screen that allows users to choose different options when making poses. The booth can comfortably fit up to three people. Given that the vintage style is made steel, and thus transporting it can be quite a challenge.


The kiosk booth has a column-like structure. There are those that come with a computer screen to show users how they are posing. The kiosk-style can accommodate a lot of people when it is set in an open style. In case the booth has been set up in an open style, then you should be careful of the background. You can also choose to have the enclosed set up. The kiosk booth gives you flexibility and convenience.

Modern style

The modern photo booth is bigger and can fit several people at once. The modern booth can be mounted easily. Some f the modern style booth comes with a computer screen. Therefore, guests cannot see the shots taken. The modern style does not have a seat and guests have to stand when taking the photos. If you are hosting an event that will have many attendees, then you should hire the modern photo booth.

Retro style

Retro styleThe retro style photo booth was formed from vintage. Therefore, it is similar to the vintage booth. The only difference is that the retro style is mobile and can be easily transported. It has an internal screen. The retro style offers high-quality pictures. The booth provides a classic photo strip look. It is more about showing the facial expression rather than having everyone in the picture.

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